Aiman comments about Mawra, receives backlash

Pakistani actress Aiman Khan hit the headlines as she made several remarks about fellow actor Mawra Hocane. While reacting to a quick-fire question on a star talk show with Muneeb Butt’s husband, the Baandi star stated that Mawra “should gain some weight because she’s really skinny.”

This comment made by Aiman Khan about Mawra didn’t sit well with several social media users. On social media, they called out the celebrity for body-shaming Mawra.

Aiman said, “My schooling, my accent is not your concern. Will my degree offer you a job? No, isn’t it? Keep your nose out of my life, thank you. Make it simple and end the nonsense.”

Asking netizens to keep their own mind, Mother-of-One posted on Instagram, “I don’t understand why people take it literally and perpetuate negativity. My life is not your property, you have no right to say something to me until I can say something to you.”

She went on, “Games are games and shows are shows-nothing is intimate. I don’t believe blogs are supposed to make anything breaking news. We’re still hurting a lot, so stop making our lives rough with your dumb remarks. Stop making problems out of nothing at all. Stop the bullshit, stop the hatred.”

Later, the star of Sanam Teri Kasam also referred to the buzz. “To all the social media accounts and followers, I don’t appreciate someone tossing the other person under the bus in the garb of helping me,” she said.

“We need to know how much we need to go, not to vilify the other party in the process. We’re all imperfect and speak sentences that we don’t really comprehend or understand. Let’s be kind to you. Let’s give each other room for change and not do the same or worse thing by spewing animosity,” Mawra concluded.

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