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SADA Welfare Treats Thousands of Patients Free of Cost

The founding members of the SADA Welfare Foundation have a deep passion for serving mankind, as shown by the foundation’s roots. Mrs. Tahira Jawaid, Parveen Makda and Dr. Fawzia Siddiqui, who were all involved individual social workers at the start.The organization’s programs are tailored to meet the demands of children’s health care, with an emphasis on pediatric health care facilities. Medicines for tuberculosis, nephropathy, and cancer are among the other treatments available. Eye treatment and the Neonatal New Born Unit are both supported by the foundation.The Cardiac Surgeries in the facilities are also provided free of cost. Other than the medical and clinical facilities, the organization also provides procurement services by offering Para Medical Staff, Technicians & Aya in Neonatal Unit.Blood Bank Technician in Blood Bank is one of the other technical workers’ accuracy. SADA Welfare Foundations is proud of the patrons, trustees, administrators, and volunteers who work hard to administer the foundation without receiving much in return or personal gain.SADA Welfare Foundation has successfully served more than 8,10,000 patients in its treatment facilities since its establishment, thanks to the unwavering spirit of these backers of the cause.The foundation’s main mission is the blood center, which has provided free care to over 5,35,000 people. It is a boon to thalassemia patients who need daily blood transfusions during their lives.

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