Shahid Afridi laments the criteria of PCB selection

LAHORE: Shahid Afridi, the former Pakistan captain, said on Wednesday that he couldn’t comprehend the “standard of selection followed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).”

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi said on Wednesday that the “level of selection adopted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)” baffled him.

Selectors, coaches, and captains, according to Shahid Afridi, shape a squad. “Now I’m hearing there are certain gaps between them, but these should not be made public. Private board matters should not be leaked.”

The former captain went on to state that the captain has the most crucial role in squad selection and they have to make choices on the ground.

“The skipper is under a lot of pressure, and he also has to answer media questions. If you want to keep Babar Azam on board in the future, you have to give him power, and we have to work with him,” he said. “Most notably, the team’s internal affairs could not be leaked.”

Afridi said he doesn’t grasp the team’s selection process and challenged the criterion used to recruit players.

“Players with only two matches under their belt are being considered. For example, Naseem Shah was chosen and given the opportunity to bowl with some of the best bowlers in the world. Naseem Shah, on the other hand, has vanished. You would take a player ahead [with the team] if you invest in them “Afridi shared his view.

Afridi said the PSL’s sixth edition should not have been postponed after multiple players tested positive for COVID-19 while remaining in the biosecure bubble.

“The PSL should not have been delayed, in my opinion. The Pakistan Super League is a well-known Pakistani brand. Our apologies, but the PCB did not seem to have a backup plan in place “he said

“Athletes can test positive for the coronavirus,” he added, adding that “ideally, anyone who had tested positive should have been asked to quarantine rather than the event being postponed entirely.”

“The PCB should have offered foreign players the option of remaining in the country or withdrawing, but the PSL should not have been postponed. However, the PCB lacked a contingency plan [to make decisions].”

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