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You should never combine these foods together

Here are the 10 food combinations you never knew are harmful to your body

When it comes to juices and salads we tend to combine them with one thing or another. Sometimes when making salads we add fruits and vegetables to make it scrumptious. And hey who doesn’t know about strawberry milkshakes and smoothies with other fruits too? We all love that.

But since different fruits and vegetables have different elements and properties in them, they sometimes are bad when combined together.

Nutritionists have suggested that there are some wrong combos we make since they taste good. 

So, Day News decided to look further for that and this is what we have gotten.

Here are the 10 food combinations you never knew are harmful to your body

1. Fries and Burger

What? Burger and fries are inseparable, that’s the way we have been eating it for centuries. Yeah, we know this would have come to you as a shock because burgers and fries have been served together as old as time.

This combination is certainly unfavorable for you since they both have trans fat in them. Fries are deep-fried and so is the burger patty, therefore when this combo is eaten together it lowers your blood sugar levels. You then start to feel sleepy and tired.

2. Fruits with vegetables

Yes! You heard this right. Fruits and vegetables may taste good when eaten together but they are harmful as well. This combination is not good for your digestive system since they both are digested differently. For instance, eating oranges and carrots may lead to excess bile reflux and lead to heartburn.

3. Milk and banana

Nutritionists consider this combination a bad one since it leads to producing toxins in your body. By the time this shake reaches your stomach banana becomes sour which curdles milk. The milk becomes a heavy “mucus-forming substance which by no means is good. 

Those who are struggling to lose weight should try to stay away from this banana and milk combo. Due to the 25 percent sugar in it, this shake would spike insulin which is not good for your body.

4. Acidic and sweet fruits

Pakistanis are familiar with this combination. Mostly when the holy month of Ramadan arrives, fruit-chaat (a dish made with several fruits in it) is a must-have at an iftar table. This mixture of several fruits is mindlessly used by people. 

According to nutritionists when sweet fruits are combined with acidic ones they are likely to hamper your digestive system. It can often lead to nausea, acidosis, and headaches.

5. Yogurt and Fruits

As a matter of fact, combining fruits with dairy products can lead to many health hazards. Dairy products can be congestive which means that they can lead to, colds, blocking sinuses, and some allergies. This is why when they are combined, become even worse. 

6. Pasta and Tomatoes

Wait, what? “Pasta and tomatoes are made for one another” that’s what you’re thinking right? We know it’s quite shocking to know that a tasty combination can be harmful. According to nutritionists, pasta is starchy carbs, which can be difficult to digest. On the other hand, tomatoes are quite acidic that can cause bloating and hinder digestion.

7. Meat and Potatoes 

There are some folks who like to eat meat and mashed potatoes. But this combination can also cause digestive issues and due to lack of it can upset your stomach.

8. Pizza and Soda

Those who like to have soda and pizza together, be careful! Because the carbs and proteins in the pizza will make it hard for your stomach to digest when taken with fizzy drinks.

9. Aerated drinks and peppermint

In some restaurants, there are some thirst-quenching drinks available that are made with peppermint. They neither are good for your stomach. Some also believe that when these two are combined together make cyanide but some have refuted this belief. So why take a risk?

10. Cheese and drinks

Well, this might also come as a surprise to many of you, this fact gave us quite a turn as well. When cheesy foods and aerated drinks are combined they make a bad reaction to your stomach. It can lead to discomfort and stomach ache.

11. Bonus: Cereal and milk

YES! You heard that right sadly it is not a good combination. Some of you are thinking that it is the most obvious combination on earth but it is not. 

Yes, our entire lives were a lie!

But no it’s not.

According to nutritionists milk and cereal contain fast digestive carbs. This is why this combo puts your body under stress which can result in blood sugar spikes. 

Well, we can go on and on about what doesn’t suit best with what. At least you now know the basics and can avoid having these combinations that we have just mentioned above. 

These combinations can affect your health and can interfere with your productivity. So you should take eating and food combinations seriously, at least after reading this article.

Tell us what you think of it? Which one of the above combinations was the most surprising for you?

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