First lady Bushra Bibi also contracts Covid-19

Shortly after hours, Prime Minister Imran Khan was diagnosed with a new coronavirus, First Lady Bushra Bibi tested positive for Covid-19.

Special Assistant to the PM for Overseas Pakistanis Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari took to Twitter and wrote on his official Twitter account, “wishing our First Lady and PM Imran Khan a speedy recovery. May Allah give them both Shifa (health).”

Vaccines, he added, are healthy and must be taken. “Prime Minister Imran had his first shot just a day ago before which he was already revealed,” Bukhari said, advising people to get vaccinated and ignore false news.

Dr. Faisal Sultan, the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on National Health Care, stated earlier that the premier had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

PM Imran was vaccinated against the virus two days prior to the announcement. He had, though, just received the first dose of the vaccine and not the second. Dr. Sultan went on to say that the prime minister is now isolating himself at home.

The Premier was “not completely vaccinated” when he contracted the disease, according to the Ministry of National Health Services. Only the first dose was given, according to the ministry, which is “too soon for any vaccine to become safe.”

Antibodies against the virus produce 2-3 weeks after the second dose of the vaccine is given, according to the study.

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