Noor Bukhari And Zoya Nasir get into a virtual spat

Noor Bukhari, a veteran actress, has gotten into a fight with Zoya Nasir, a young actress. Noor Bokhari had previously chastised a bride for wearing a tight, provocative shirt on her wedding day.

Zoya Nasir, on the other hand, couldn’t stand Noor’s point of view and hurled shade at her.

On her Instagram account, Zoya shared a story in which she mentioned Noor’s history. “She said,” she explained.

“If Ms. Noor was free to do what she did, everyone else should be as well. It’s awesome that she feels called and is practicing her religion, but that doesn’t give her the right to name and shame.”

When Noor Bokhari said, “The situation has gotten out of control.”

“I apologise mam Zoya nasir. I did v wrong in past and regret what i did. It concerns me cos there used to be a time dulhan looked so pretty in haya.”

She continued by saying that “But still i realised my mistake and took down the post.”

Noor in some other post said, “We are judged if we give an honest opinion about the wrong”

Previously, the veteran actress attempted to launch a feud with Minal Khan over her photographs with Ahsan Mohsin Ikram being posted on social media.

“I really like both the sisters. But if they are married then being close and posting these pics r fine but if not they are misleading youth. Making it alright to post intimate pics before marriage. Or maybe they are nikkahfied aur unke parents khush hein.”

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