PM Imran Khan Contracts Coronavirus

Imran Khan’s Corona test resulted in a positive outcome on Saturday. Two days after receiving the Corona vaccine dose on Thursday, his Coronavirus test came positive.

Faisal Sultan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Health, made the announcement on Twitter.

The Prime Minister has been put under quarantine at his residence. According to reports, the premier’s servants have been asked to get their test reports as well.

On Saturday, PM warned the media in Islamabad that if people continue to break coronavirus SOPs, the problem could get worse.

“At the moment, hospitals all over the world are struggling with an epidemic of COVID-19 patients,” he clarified.

Dr. Faisal Sultan also stated that the number of cases in Punjab is growing. He encouraged people to obey all health-related SOPs to the letter. He claimed that wearing masks in public spaces is our duty.

The SAPM, on the other hand, told the media about vaccines, saying that people over the age of 70 can get the vaccine anywhere and that there is no obstacle for them.

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