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Interesting facts you didn’t know about Pakistan

When talking about Pakistan, Pakistanis often find themselves on the receiving end of ignorant jokes or having to justify their country and culture. politics and social trends with foreign friends/colleagues, Here are some of Pakistan’s interesting and special facts that enrich and beautify our country.

1. Pakistan has the second-highest mountain K2

The world’s second-highest peak, K2 (Godwin Austin), is part of the Greater Himalaya Mountain chain, also known as the Karakoram Range, which ranges into China and India.

In Pakistan’s Hindu Kush Range, the world’s third and next highest peak, Tirich Mir, is also located. As a result, Pakistan is home to three of the world’s tallest mountain ranges: the Himalaya, the Greater Himalaya (Karakoram), and the Hindukush, making it a premier yet difficult destination for serious mountaineers and winter sports professionals.

2. Pakistan has the world’s largest manufacturer of handsewn footballs

Leather classic football ball

Pakistan’s Sialkot is the world’s biggest manufacturer of hand-sewn footballs. Local factories in the area manufacture 40-60 million footballs per year, accounting for approximately 50-70 percent of global production. There are currently over 200 factories in the football engineering sector.

3. Pakistan has the world’s largest deep sea port in size

Ports | SalamPak.Com

Pakistan’s strategic location in Asia makes it a regional trading hub, which is expected to grow in the coming years as the country collaborates with China on the CPEC plan to expand the infrastructure of the Gwader port in the Arabian Sea, Balochistan, which is the world’s largest natural deep port.

4. Pakistan the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service

Ambulance Service – Edhi Welfare Organization

The Edhi Foundation in Pakistan proudly operates the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service, a record it has maintained since 1997.

The foundation, which is based in Karachi, provides a 24-hour emergency ambulance service as well as other programs such as homeless shelter, free health care, opioid recovery, orphanage and adoption services, and local and international disaster relief.

5. Pakistan has the fourth-largest irrigation system in the world

Setting the Standard for Irrigation Control Systems | Watts

Since agriculture provides a livelihood for the majority of Pakistan’s people, the country needed to build a complex and massive irrigation system to cultivate 202,000 square kilometers of soil. The Indus Basin is where the system is located.

6. Pakistan has the World’s second-largest salt mines

Detroit salt mine parent company to be bought

Khewra Mines of Pakistan manufacture 325,000 tons of salt each year and are fabled to be found by Alexander’s Army by chance when their horses started licking the salts while the troops slept.

As a result, the new world’s second-largest salt mine was discovered. The massive mines have over 40 kilometers of tunnels as well as a mosque. Salty miniature models of the Great Wall of China, Minar-e-Pakistan, and Badshahi Mosque are also located inside to draw visitors.

7. Pakistan has the highest polo ground in the world

World’s highest polo festival kicks off in Pakistan

The highest polo ground in the world, at 3700 meters, is located at Shandur Top, where Balti Prince Ali Sher Khan began the traditional game of polo.

The Shandur Polo Festival, which has been held annually since 1936, is a tournament between local teams that invites tourists to see the game as well as performances of folk music, dance, and celebration. The tournament is featured in the first episode of Michael Palin’s show The Himalayas.

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