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Dehli School’s reunion: old pupils held assembly in uniforms

Students who have graduated over the past five decades have adopted an unprecedented reunion ceremony

KARACHI: The Dehli Government School, one of the great and old schools in Karachi, on 23rd March had organized an unprecedented event as the graduates of the school were gathered for a reunion.

In the event, the students who passed matriculation 20 to 50 years ago held a grand ceremony at Dehli School on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

The students, who have now become grandparents themselves now, arrived at the school in uniform on March 23. Former teachers had also graced the ceremony with their esteemed presence.

The event was organized by Old Students of Dehli School in the mid-1980s.

At the ceremony, students who have graduated over the past five decades have adopted a unique style like school children after many years, and the grand celebrations of Pakistan Day, which were once the hallmark of Dehli School, once again brought back memories of the past.

A special assembly was held on the school grounds to commemorate the distant student.

It was the first time the alumni of the school had gathered together. Former principal Balqis Nasir addressed the gathering, saying that the memories of the past have been rekindled and it seems as if the same enthusiasm has returned.

A video message of former principal Shamsi Sahib was also played at the assembly function while Sir Hashim was also present.

Later, the students went to their respective classes and reminisced their childhood days by sitting in their seats. The former teachers also looked enthusiastic on the occasion and the enthusiasm of the students was noticeable.

Numerous eminent personalities have been educated from this educational institution, which is known for providing high-quality education.

The School has been active in promoting education for decades.

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