Modi desires friendly relations, writes Letter to PM Khan

"an environment of trust, devoid of terror and hostility, is imperative.” wrote Modi in his letter

On Pakistan Day, India’s Narendra Modi writes to Pakistan’s Imran Khan, as the two opposing nations try to make unusual peace overtures.

Officials say Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written to his Pakistani counterpart, PM Imran Khan, expressing his wish for friendly ties as relations between the two nuclear-armed neighbors improve.

On Tuesday, Modi congratulated Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on the country’s annual Pakistan Day, which commemorates a resolution passed on March 23, 1940, when the subcontinent was under British colonial rule.

On that day, the Muslim political leadership of the subcontinent requested that Muslim-majority states be granted “independent state” status in the eastern city of Lahore.

The contents of the letter were verified by two senior officials from Pakistan’s foreign ministry to the Associated Press news agency. According to government policy, they spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Modi wrote in the letter, “as a neighbouring country, India desires cordial relations with the people of Pakistan.”

But he also added: “for this, an environment of trust, devoid of terror and hostility, is imperative.”

نریندر مودی، عمران خان

Narendra Modi has written that he wants to congratulate the people of Pakistan on the occasion of Pakistan’s National Day.

He said that “I would like to convey my best wishes to you [Prime Minister Imran Khan] and the people of Pakistan.”

He continued to write, “at this difficult time for humanity” he would like to give his best wishes “for dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Pakistan’s Reaction

Reacting to the social networking site Twitter, Asad Umar said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had always wanted peace in South Asia and strong ties between all the neighboring countries.

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Human Rights Sharin Mazari tweeted in response to a letter from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the “gesture of goodwill is welcome”


“But India must realise that an environment of trust, devoid of terror and hostility can only come about.”

She added, “when Indian state terrorism in IIOJK and in Pak ends” Shireen continued to say that the harmony will come about when “Kashmir conflict is resolved through dialogue. Peace is contingent upon conflict resolution.”

Third Party’s Role Behind Pak-India Friendly Relations

Given the recent positive developments in Pakistan-India relations, there is speculation that third powers are also playing a role.

the current Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir had admitted a few days ago that Saudi Arabia was trying to reduce tensions between India and Pakistan.

In an interview with Arab News, Al-Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia wants peace in the entire region and strives for it at various levels.

Analysts believe that the recent events are the result of behind-the-scenes development.

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