Strings band bids farewell to the fans

Pakistan’s one of the most popular and famous duo, of Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, strings band has decided to “put the their microphones on rest after 33 years”.

The news started to surface after the band shared a post to announce the heart breaking news to the music lovers.

In the post it said “Hey guys. This post is a bit different from the usual. We have decided that today, 25/03/2021, is the day we graciously get to conclude STRINGS.”

However, Last month, Daft Punk separated after 28 years which left millions of strings fans into grieving shock.

Whereas, today, “the Strings announced to put their microphones on rest after 33 years.”

The post added, “The past 33 years have been incredible for both of us. It’s so rare to have the chance to be able to do things like this and we are infinitely grateful to all of our fans for making it possible. We hope you found it worthwhile as well 🙂”.

The duo of Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, is no stranger to a ton which not only gained fame across the country but also in Hollywood. Strings also sang for the Spiderman.

The dous gave Pakistan numerous hits and and an “era of Era defining music and sounds.”

The post continued, “While the band technically may not be together anymore, both of us share an inseparable bond that will connect us no matter where life takes us.”

The also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their fans in Pakistan and farther and said “Thank you so much for everything.”

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