Ertugrul’s star inaugurates UCAAZ stores aims to empower struggling middle class

KARACHI: Jalal Al also known as Abdurrahman Ghazi, one of the leading characters of the famed Turkish series “Ertugrul” on Monday inaugurated Ucaaz, a chain of retail stores, which, the team says, will not only help the struggling middle-class retail store owners to survive in a competitive market dominated by growing superstores but will also bring the local business under the country tax net.

UCAAZ is a retail tech startup, and it has already set up a chain of retail stores in Pakistan’s metropolis Karachi. The company branded on the name of a historic marketplace of holy city Makkah.

While speaking to the audience at a local hotel in Karachi Jalal Al, who has acted as Abdul Rehman Ertugrul, expressed his excitement for his visit to the company’s launch event in Pakistan’s Karachi.

“I was moved by the invitation of the company once I learnt that the name of business is UCAAZ (because of its origin). As soon as I received the invitation, I thought that I should definitely become part of the event and ceased the opportunity.” Jalal Said.

He also stressed on the importance of trade for any country and appraised the innovation in general trading as it would make the entire experience hassle free.

“I couldn’t be possibly happier to mention here and share my view on the sector that such structure can bring prosperity to any country as Turkey has made enormous progress through increasing its trading. So, I am sure Pakistan will be an economic power one day as it I has become an atomic power.” Jalal Said.

The company also receives an overwhelming response from wide audience who are eager to start a reputable, scalable business, in the country, on such a low investment which wasn’t possible before.

The CEO & Founder of the company Syed Saad Shah stressed that his company is more than a business for him and his team.

“First of all, I would like to say that the inception of UCAAZ was not just a business for me, instead we have worked hard on it to solve various problems the sector was facing in years, and left personnel of the sector in perplexity.” Saad Said.

The event had honorable guests from Pakistan as well, where top management of companies, distributors, tech sector, and politicians.

Some of the companies were represented by their owners, who took joy to be part of the event, and stressed on the supporting companies like UCAAZ, as Karyanas were in need of technological advancements which will help to provide the best customer experience in the sector.

“Competition in any sector brings the quality of the service and its great for the consumer, however, the approach of the competition suppose to be positive,” Saad said while speaking about the modern challenge retailers, distributors and companies are facing.

The company is a first of its kind hybrid model of Karyana (general traders) and e-commerce stores on a massive level, while many retailers had e-commerce troublesome operations in place when COVID forced store closures, others – including food, medicine, and retail sector even in a global market – had to rush to meet their customers online.

The Karyana(general traders) stores aren’t integrated with store POS systems brought forth many operational challenges in managing disparate data for inventory, customers, orders, and fulfillment across siloed technologies.

The addition of tech provided by UCAAZ has evolved old Karyanas, where they would be able to match their service with one of the most technologically advanced stores.

“brothers whenever you are going to expand this business abroad there shall be no other country. Turkey shall be your first choice.” Jalal Al said while addressing the CEO of the company and his team. I invite you to bring this chain to Turkey.

Jalal Al is one of the major characters of Dilliris Ertugrul, where More than 58 million people viewed the first episode on Pakistan’s national television, and following in Kurulus Osman.

The series, Ertugrul Gazi, which ran in Turkey until 2019, is loosely based on the story of a 13th century nomadic Turkic tribal leader who confronted Mongols, Crusaders, and Byzantine rulers in what is now Syria and Turkey.

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