Crowd Attacks Cops Maharashtra Gurudwara, 4 wounded

Mumbai: After police refused to allow a religious procession due to the Covid surge in Maharashtra, a crowd of sword-wielding Sikh protestors broke through barricades at a Gurdwara in Nanded last evening and assaulted policemen, injuring four.

According to the Indian media, a case has been filed in connection with the abuse and the enforcement of the state’s Covid protection laws. A total of almost 18 people have been arrested.

A huge number of people armed with swords is seen pouring out of a gate of the Gurdwara complex, smashing through police barricades and targeting police officers on duty, according to a video widely circulated online. Four officers were wounded, and police vehicles were destroyed, according to a police officer.

The gurdwara had been told that the “Hola Mohalla” procession would not be permitted due to coronavirus restrictions, according to Superintendent of Police Pramod Kumar Shewale.

Mr Shewale mentioned that “We had spoken to the gurdwara authorities and the priests and explained the situation to them. So they agreed that this year, no procession will be held and a low-key celebration will be held within the complex.”

At 4 p.m. a low-key affair was set to begin “However, some of the youngsters became irritated. When Baba-ji explained the situation to them, they proceeded to Gate No. 1 and began walking down the procession’s usual path “Added he.

regardless of the state’s ban on demonstrations, locals decided to continue with the procession. Barricades had been erected near the gurdwara by the police. When the Nishan Sahib, or Sikh religious flag, was carried to a Gurdwara entrance, participants in the event began arguing, according to reports. The gate was then stormed by a huge mob.

Over the last week, Maharashtra has seen the most severe outbreak of the virus, prompting the state government to impose a slew of restrictions to combat the outbreak.

As part of a campaign to avoid the transmission of the disease, the state government declared limits on large gatherings on Sunday. People were not observing Covid procedures, according to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, who requested officials to prepare for a lockout.

In the last 24 hours, Maharashtra has seen 31,643 new Covid infections and 102 deaths. The number was smaller than the previous day’s estimate of 40,414 infections, which was the city’s highest-ever increase. The decrease is most certainly due to the fact that there are fewer exams on Sundays.

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