Pakistan records another peak, 5,000 new corona cases

KARACHI: In just 24 hours, Pakistan reported 5,234 new coronavirus cases, raising the total number of Covid-19 cases to 678,165.

The death toll in the world has risen to 14,613 people, according to the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), after 83 people died of the deadly disease in the last 24 hours. Punjab had the most deaths, led by K-P.1

According to the NCOC, there are 56,347 active Covid-19 cases throughout the world.

Meanwhile, 1,931 patients recovered from the lethal disease in a single day, increasing the overall number of patients that have recovered to 607,205.

According to NCOC, there are a total of 56,347 active Covid-19 cases across the world.

In Balochistan, there were about 209 suicides, 103 in G-B, and 358 in AJK.

Since the virus’s spread, the NCOC has announced that a total of 10,297,54 experiments have been performed. There are approximately 631 hospitals with Covid-19 facilities throughout the country, with over 3,000 patients admitted, according to the survey.

As the third outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic erupted through the world on March 28, the government declared a blanket ban on all indoor and outdoor events beginning next month to contain the spread of the pandemic.

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