Moonis Alvi expressed gratitude to Hammad Azhar’s intervention in power situation of Karachi

Karachi: KE CEO Mr. Moonis Alvi expressed sincere gratitude to Minister for Energy, Hammad Azhar, for his vision & commitment to people of Karachi and especially for timely and kind intervention to address power situation challenges in the city.

The Minister also acknowledged prompt payment by KE for additional power. The Minister was apprised by KE CEO that currently only policy load-shed was being carried out in the city.

Minister for Energy, Hamad Azhar also appreciated KE’s contribution to a greener Pakistan – with 250 MW of clean energy projects already and plans to invest in additional 350MW.

KE is fully committed to continue adding renewables to its energy mix. The utility had also committed to plant 0.5 million trees of which 300,000 have been already planted.

CEO KE Mr Moonis Alvi also expressed thanks to the Prime Minister Imran Khan, Governor Sindh Imran Ismail and the Government of Pakistan for addressing issues of the people of Karachi.

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