BTS comparison is a compliment, Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah, a TikTok sensation, recently shaved off her lengthy locks in favour of a short and entertaining hairstyle. Trolls were ready to lob harsh remarks at the actor as soon as she posted her picture on Instagram to show off her new hair, as expected.

An Instagram user linked Alizeh’s new style to members of the Korean supergroup BTS in one particular tag. The person remarked, “Alizeh Shah is ready to join BTS,” making a parallel between the actor and BTS member Jungkook.

The Ehd e Wafa actress has recently come under fire from industry insiders, with filmmaker and actor Yasir Nawaz and his wife, morning show personality Nida Yasir, describing her as “difficult to deal with.”

Yasir expressed his hesitation to resume acting in an interview, stating that the experience had been unpleasant for him. “Acting bothered me a little bit. There were numerous reasons behind this. It was just not my cup of tea. It was so horrible that I always regretted going into acting.”

Nida went on to describe the problems Yasir has had with co-stars in the past. “Yasir had some issues working with Alizeh Shah as an actress”

Even though Yasir gets along with everyone, there wasn’t enough synergy. But no one has ever bothered him as a director,” she explained, later adding, “You have to be careful who you work with.” You should look into who you’ll be working with.”

Feroze Khan, on the other hand, has rallied to Alizeh’s defence. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alizeh Shah. It was fantastic. He described her as a “very young lady” who had had no media training or instruction from her family or industry connections.

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