Virtual Khuli Katchehri at the High Commission UK

Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Moazzam Ahmad Khan addressing the Virtual Khulai Katchehri at the Pakistan High Commission

London – Farah Kazmi: High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan held the 7th virtual ‘Khuli Katchehry’ with the Pakistani diaspora in the UK today. A large number of community members attended the virtual Katchehri.

During the interaction, the diaspora members sought redressal of their issues regarding visas, NICOPs, POCs, passports and property matters in Pakistan.

The High Commissioner redressed some of the problems instantly. He assured that the remaining issues would be taken up with the concerned authorities in Pakistan.

He also welcomed the suggestions of the diaspora members for the improvement of the services.

The diaspora members were particularly anxious to know as to when Pakistan was being removed from the UK’s Red List for travel.

The High Commissioner said that he was in contact with the relevant UK authorities on the matter. He said in view of the travelling difficulties being faced by the British Pakistanis, getting Pakistan on the Green List was his priority.

The community members also commended the excellent performance of the Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal in resolving the problems of the overseas Pakistanis.

They also appreciated the initiative of Virtual Khuli Katchehri at the Mission that not only helps resolve the problems of the community but also connects the community with the High Commission.

As per the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the virtual Khuli Katchehri is held at the High Commission every month.

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