Ali Gul Pir trolls Nida Yasir for asking dumb questions

People are asking why did Nida Yasir not do the research before conducting the interview?

Ali Gul Pir, a renowned Pakistani actor, singer, and comedian, has created a rib-tickling spoof video of host Nida Yasir, which recently went viral on social media and had Twitterati rolling on the floor laughing.

Pir is gifted in the arts, mocked Nida Yasir as she befuddled two NUST students who had created their own Formula 1 racing car. “Morning shows host VS Engineers,” he captioned the Instagram video.

The Naadaaniyan actor can be seen in the 2016 video, which has been exposed to intense mocking, asking the guests about how racecars actually operate. The presenter then wonders if the Formula One vehicles can accommodate more than one person. One kid answered, “Actually, it’s a formula vehicle.” As a result, just one person sits.”

Nida then continued asking, “Oh, so it’s just a formula for the time being?” Have you ever experimented with a car?”

The engineers were perplexed, but answered, “No, it’s a formula vehicle.” and continued It’s a racing car.” Nida then inquired, “So, does it drive as quickly as a gasoline car?”

People also took to Twitter to share their two cents on host’s dumbfounded comments

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