Korangi Mehran Town Factory fire case: Police interrogate K-Electric

Karachi: Police decided to interrogate Karachi Electric in the light of the statements of the arrested accused in Korangi Mehran Town factory fire incident

According to reports, Investigators contacted KE and thus claimed that an electrical short circuit in the factory caused the fire. A detailed statements of the arrested factory owners and others were also recorded.

Moreover, the police also interrogated about the details of how much load was approved for the factory, how much was used, how much load the factory wiring could withstand, and how many times it was inspected.

According to the investigators, the factory was rented by Ali Hassan Mehta, who holds a British citizenship, for Rs 300,000 a month. Luggage was prepared in the factory and sent abroad for sale, investigators added.

According to reports, a letter will be written to British Consulate to inform about the criminal negligence of the factory owner.

The factory owner, Hassan Ali Mehta, also used a single identity card number to register the names of two people, police added.

The FIR filed at the Korangi Industrial Area police station identified Mehta, Zaidi, two supervisors, Zafar and Rehan, and watchman Syed Zarin. The workers’ deaths were investigated under Sections 34 and 322 of the Penal Code.

16 workers killed in Mehran Town factory fire on August 27, as twas no emergency escape in the event of a mishap, and there was only one way out of the complex, investigators said.

According to the Karachi court, the fire department arrived late and the civil defence workers were inexperienced.

When the police questioned officials from the Sindh Building Control Authority and the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, it was discovered that, according to the property papers, a residential building had been built in place of the factory.

K-electric’s response over Mehran Town Tragedy

The spokesman for K-Electric said that the tragedy of Mehran Town is very unfortunate for the loss of precious lives. He also said that the incident is not related to the electrical infrastructure, the internal wiring is the responsibility of the user.

However, he offered full cooperation in the investigation into the Mehran Town tragedy.

The spokesman added that acording to preliminary information, a standby generator was being used in the factory at the time of the fire.

The factory was given an industrial and a commercial connection under the rules, spokesman for Electric said

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