Apple all set to introduce new iPhones as part of 5G push

Apple shares have gained roughly 15.6 percent year to far, lagging the Nasdaq Composite Index, which has gained about 19 percent.

Apple Inc. is anticipated to unveil new iPhone and Apple Watch models with minor changes on Tuesday, and experts expect cellular carriers to play a large role in the annual event as they strive to persuade consumers to sign up for 5G contracts.

Last year, Apple unveiled the iPhone 12, which featured a fresh design and was one of the first handsets to integrate 5G connection. Analysts predict modest hardware enhancements and a greater focus on 5G this year.

On the outside, the iPhone 13, as analysts expect the new phone to be called, will likely look very similar to the iPhone 12.

However, analysts also hope it to have faster wi-fi and processor chips, and Bloomberg has suggested that the top priority will be on display and camera enhancements such as a “Portrait Mode” to blur backgrounds when shooting videos.

Carriers like AT&T Inc, Verizon Communications, and T-Mobile USA, which have significantly expanded their networks since the beginning of the year, are likely to offer new incentives around devices that can take advantage of the faster speeds those networks can provide, according to Ben Bajarin, head of consumer technologies at Creative Strategies.

Apple fans who purchase multiple products, such as an Apple Watch and an iPhone, are more likely to continue with the brand and spend money on the company’s apps and services, according to analysts.

“It’s the only service they provide where you have to have this product or you won’t be able to use the service,” Bajarin explained.


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