Gas supply to KE from SSGC will be disturbed between 14th to 17th Sep due to dry docking

Karachi: SSGC will be unable to provide sufficient quantity of gas to KE from 14th to 17th September.

A KE Spokesperson has said, “In line with the information received from the SSGC, gas supply to KE will remain curtailed between 14 to 17 September 2021 due to dry docking.

SSGC supplies KE around 190 MMCFD gas but during the days of dry docking, supply of gas to KE is expected to be up to 150 MMCFD. A contingency plan is in place to overcome the shortage of gas supply.

The power utility under the Economic Merit Order, may use alternate fuels to produce power in case of a surge in demand due to expected hot weather conditions in Karachi.

KE has however, requested SSGC to enhance gas pressure at the utility’s power plants in Korangi to help in overcoming any power shortfall.

Officials of KE and SSGC will remain in constant contact in this situation to manage the situation.

In case of queries or any complaints, consumers may contact KE around the clock through its call centre 118, SMS service 8119, KE Live App, and through the company’s social media platform.”

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