“We received a specific and credible threat”, NZ chief executive

New Zealand Cricket Chief Executive David White stated on Sunday that the board was initially pleased with Pakistan’s security procedures, which is why the team was sent there.

Kiwi team made headlines when it canceled its ODI and T20 series against Pakistan just minutes before the toss for the first ODI between the two sides in Rawalpindi.

After 18-year, the squad returned to Pakistan for a cricket series.

NZ Cricket Chief Executive David White said, “The advice changed, the threat level changed and, as a consequence, we took the only responsible course of action possible.”

On Friday, “everything changed,” according to White.

“It was unfortunate that the series was abandoned at the last minute”, White added, “there was no way that it could be held after the intelligence of a potential attack was received.”

“What I can say is that we received a specific and credible threat against the team,” White added.

He further said that some information had been shared with the Pakistan Cricket Board, nonetheless, “specific details could not, and will not, be publicized – privately or publicly”.

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