DG ISPR: Indian Media propagating misinformation about the Panjshir war

Major General Babar Iftikhar, Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR), stated that certain prominent foreign and Indian media outlets wrote and aired fake news articles in an attempt to spread Pakistan’s meddling in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs.

The spokesperson for the military’s media wing told a local press conference that the way Indian journalists and media outlets propagated misinformation about the Panjshir war revealed that they depended on falsified and contrived facts.

“Pakistan is in constant contact with Afghan Taliban leaders to defend the national security of the country,” the ISPR DG stated.

He further added that, “We have no reason to doubt their intentions, and that is why we are in constant touch with them to protect our national interest”.

The Afghan Taliban has stated on several times that they will not allow any party or organization to utilize Afghan territory for terrorist purposes.

According to Major General Babar, Pakistan is sure that the Taliban would keep their promise of not permitting any terrorist organization to utilize Afghan territory against any country, including Pakistan.

He added that since the Taliban gained control of the Afghan capital Kabul last month, Pakistan has been urging the international community to help reconstruct the war-torn country in order to maintain peace and stability.

“Pakistan has also pushed the Afghan Taliban to create an inclusive administration that included Tajiks, Hazaras, and Uzbeks,” said he.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also declared last week that he has begun talks with the Taliban to form an inclusive administration, according to the ISPR DG.

He stated that after 40 years of fighting, this all-inclusive effort would secure peace and stability in Afghanistan, which was not only in the interest of Afghanistan but also of the region.

Major General Babar Iftikhar stated that border management was constantly being improved and that it would be totally safe in the near future.

“Our aim has always been better administration on this side of the border,” he added, adding that fencing the Pakistan-Afghan border was a significant duty given the region’s vastness and other obstacles.

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