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Martin Dow Conducts Week-long Training Program to Facilitate Doctors in Medical Research

Karachi: Martin Dow Group recently organized a seven-day training workshop on Research & Methodology titled ‘Martin Dow FIRST’ at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) in Karachi.

The workshop was an opportunity for doctors to gain maximum knowledge regarding research advancements in line with the global and national clinical research practices. This will facilitate the doctors in publishing their medical research on independent basis both locally and internationally.

This training workshop was conducted in light of the increasing demand for research and development in the field of medical science, as now innovative medications and management options are easily accessible to the public to make informed decisions related to their health.

It has become extremely important for the health professionals as well as students to further expand their efforts in conducting quality medical research and adopting all necessary skills and knowledge which is the need of the hour.

Director Martin Dow, Fawad Abbasi, Head of Gynecology Department, Dr. Haleema Yasmeen, Senior Epidemiologist at CPSP and Trainer, Dr. Nabeel Baig, and numerous doctors and students were in attendance along with health experts, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and others.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Nabeel Baig who was also supervising the entire training workshop at JPMC said “The main objective behind this training is to inculcate knowledge and education among the doctors that would help them during the time of conducting independent research and such trainings will enable them to publish their researches across the globe.”

He also mentioned that “In the current era, advancements in technology and digitalization have made it easier for humans to gain full acquaintance of any disease or ailments for which it has now become important to conduct comprehensive and well-versed research” he believes that “Through these workshops we are providing training to our junior doctors as well as the new entrants with utmost responsibility for whatever new practices and innovations are taking place all around the world in modern research and the health profession.”

Director Martin Dow and Business Unit Head, Fawad Abbasi said that “In today’s era of modernization, it has become essential for the doctors to get around the clock training for further refining their knowledge and expertise in advanced research in the field of medical science.

For this program, we have hired the services of qualified trainers from The College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan and up till now 18 workshops have already been conducted successfully in seven cities across Pakistan”

Dr. Haleema Yasmeen said that “Doctors will acquire immense knowledge with the help of such trainings and they would witness a great learning experience that would prove fruitful during their practice in their respective fields in advanced research and methodology.

In our country, there is much lacking in promoting research, as it had always been characterized as a resource intense field which is highly time-consuming and requires fundings and a highly competent faculty”.

Martin Dow has been playing a predominant role in providing extensive trainings to the junior doctors in several hospitals across Pakistan in the field of Advanced Research and Methodology.

Moreover, being a responsible organization, Martin Dow realized that the contribution of Pakistan in the world of medical research lacks in many aspects and turns out to be inadequate.

Keeping this into consideration, it started ‘Martin Dow FIRST’ to help out medical doctors for increasing their knowledge, confidence and abilities to conducting medical research independently.

It must be mentioned here that this program will upgrade the level of medical doctors to such a higher extent that their research work could be published both national and international renowned journals.

‘Martin Dow FIRST’ is completely funded by Martin Dow’s Ltd educational grant to bring phenomenal improvement in the quality research and standards of Pakistan.

This training workshop would be a 12-hour course stretching over a period of one week

Furthermore, the ‘MARTIN DOW FIRST’ training workshop in its first phase will complete 40 sessions throughout Pakistan in renowned medical university hospitals and tertiary care centers.

The key topics of the program include Research Methodology, Study Designs, Biostatistics, Hands-on computer based research software (SPSS) and the Dissertation Writing.

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