Taliban denies reports of women being stopped from attending universities

Female students are not prohibited from attending Afghan colleges, according to the Taliban administration in Afghanistan.

According to the university administration, both female students and professors are attending classes as normal.

The New York Times, an American publication, reported on the alleged prohibition on women’s admission to Afghan colleges.

The New York Times reported on Monday that the Taliban’s new chancellor for Kabul University declared on Monday that women will be barred from the university permanently as teachers or students, tightening the Taliban’s restrictions on women.

The NYT’s article, however, was based on a Tweet sent from a “false Twitter account,” according to the Kabul University administration.

The institution stated, “These phony accounts are being exploited to deceive individuals with fake news.”

Ghairat does not have a social media account according to the statement, and any information requested must be gathered via the university’s website.

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