The term ‘Batsman’ will disappear – A huge change in the world of Cricket

Karachi: International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to bring a change in the world of Cricket, and announced to replace to word ‘Batsman’ with a new word.

Cricket has seen a lot of changes over the years but after the introduction of women cricket, a huge debate took place in the Cricket world regarding the term which should be used for women, who are batting on the field.

The term which is used for male cricketers batting on the field is ‘Batsman’ and so, when women cricket started, people and experts started calling women batting on the field as ‘woman or female batsman.’

However, the senior cricketers shared their thoughts that this is not a fair term to be used for women cricketers. And a change should be made to the term so that it becomes gender neutral.

So, International Cricket Council (ICC) decided and announced that instead of calling women as ‘female batsman,’ they should be called ‘Batters’. In fact, both men and women cricketers will be called ‘Batters’ in the game.

ICC has decided to enforce this change with the upcoming T20 Worldcup. So far, All the cricketers have appreciated this move of ICC that will change the 200 years’ history of cricket.

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