Early detection is vital to reduce prevalence of the diabetes

Karachi: Martin Dow Marker (Ltd) organized a seminar at a local hotel titled ‘PREDIABETES – Train the Trainer’.

Prediabetes Train the Trainer is a one-of-a-kind awareness program that aims to create awareness about Prediabetes being the step that leads to Diabetes and is reversible.

This is an initiative by Martin Dow Marker Ltd, which is a leading pharma company with expertise in Diabetes portfolio.

To understand the importance of Prediabetes stage and how to make this stage reversible, it is important to provide medical fraternity the knowledge and expertise to detect the disease at an early stage.

As per International Diabetes Federation, Pakistan is 3rd among the countries with highest prevalence of Diabetes. In Pakistan, every 4th person is a diabetic and every 6 person is a pre-diabetic.

The purpose of this event is to create awareness amongst doctors about the Prediabetes stage which is a critical as it leads to diagnose of diabetes within the next 5-10 years and to reduce the level of Diabetes in Pakistan with tests & treatment on Prediabetes stage.

The Prediabetes stage is reversible if the patients change their lifestyle and take necessary steps as advised by their doctors.

This Initiative is a nation-wide program starting from Karachi, which aims to reduce the level of diabetes in Pakistan with increased awareness of the Prediabetes stage and guidance on how to avoid moving to the diabetic stage.

Speaking at this occasions, Mr. Nauman Lateef, Chief Commercial Officer, Martin Dow Marker (Ltd) said ‘’ Lack of physical activities and food-centric lifestyle of our people plays a critical role in increasing the diabetes level.

It is vital to know that the Prediabetes stage, if identified at the beginning, can be prevented. The food-centric lifestyle in Pakistan also plays critical role in increasing the diabetes level. ‘’

Mr. Lateef further said that our people are unaware of the factors that lead to Prediabetes e.g. People who are obese, have high weight circumference, have a family history of diabetes or are women who have history of Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) are more likely to being diagnosed with Pre-diabetes.

As a nation, we don’t give preference to health and Prediabetes stage is not difference. It is critical to note that Prediabetic patients have 10%-40% chances of developing Cardio-vascular related complications.

Prediabetes stage can be identified via screening tests and people are advised to get the screening done regularly.

A large group of medical practitioners expressed their views during this seminar and unanimously agreed that people who fall under Prediabetes range should consult doctors regularly and take all the necessary steps to prevent themselves as it is a common believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’

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