Pakistan reports the lowest COVID positivity rate since 2020

For the first time since the government began gathering statistics on the epidemic in March last year, Pakistan’s COVID-19 positive rate fell to 0.94 percent on Tuesday.

Pakistan has continuously reported a coronavirus positive rate of less than 2% and less than 1,000 daily infections over the previous three weeks. Hospitalizations and daily mortality counts have also decreased, showing that the COVID-19 situation in Pakistan is improving.

After 42,373 testing, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) reported that 400 persons tested positive for the virus on Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, eleven people died as a result of the infection, whereas 277 recovered within the same time frame. The number of current cases has increased to 22,845, with a total of 1,226,157 recoveries.

Since the epidemic began, the country has seen 1,277,560 illnesses and 28,558 coronavirus-related fatalities.

Pakistan is reporting an average of 514 new infections each day, which is 9% higher than the peak — the highest daily average was recorded on June 17.

So far, the nation has given out at least 111,967,455 doses of COVID vaccine. Assuming that each individual requires two doses, that would be enough to vaccinate around 25.9% of the country’s population.

Pakistan delivered an average of 832,600 dosages per day over the past week reported. It will take another 53 days to provide enough dosages for another 10% of the population at this rate.

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