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KE’s team set precedence by saving a life in Garden area

Karachi: K-Electric set a precedence in serving the society in two separate incidents at Karachi’s areas of Garden and Shireen Jinnah colony.

At Nusrat road’s street of Garden, KE temporally suspended power supply immediately on receiving information about fire in the area and dispatch their smart teams to the location of fire.

On arrival, KE’s team find out that fire erupted inside a general store and an employee named Shehrayar is hanging from window waiting for rescue. KE’s workers took immediate action and rescued this person using the ladder.

Another incident of fire took place in Shireen Jinnah Colony. In this locality, KE’s teams immediately suspend area’s power supply and going beyond its service manual extinguish the fire before the arrival of fire brigade.

It is heartening that in both these incidents, as a responsible organization, KE’s teams act responsibly to protect human lives and public property.

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