KE Remains Committed to Cracking Down on Electricity Theft

Power Supply to areas with chronic legacy defaults of over PKR 2.9 billion are being disconnected after numerous reminders and cooperation efforts have been extended to consumers.

Karachi: In continuation with its massive crackdown aimed against power-thieves and defaulters, K-Electric disconnected power supply to parts of Lyari and Malir where the dues cumulatively exceed PKR 2.9 billion.

Despite consistent efforts to cooperate with the consumers and offer schemes to facilitate them, Consumers in Lyari gathered in various pockets of the area to protest against the disconnection of power supply.

While the staff members fortunately remained safe, KE’s offices in Moosa Lane and Kalri area were damaged by citizens who pelted stones and threw flammable material causing heavy damage to the utility’s property. The utility has also lodged an FIR against unknown assailants involved in the mob attack.

In a separate incident, protesters had gathered at the Lea Market area against the disruption of power supply, when unknown individuals opened gun fire and unfortunately injured 2 of the participants.

Certain members with vested interests who had incited the protesters towards violence subsequently issued statements in the media which conflated both incidents and aggravated the situation.

Spokesperson K-Electric strongly condemned the use of violence against the utility and citizens, stating “We remain dedicated to supporting our customers and seek their cooperation in resolving the payment of chronic legacy outstanding dues, some of which are in the tens of millions.

Contrary to the perception being created, KE has no involvement in the unfortunate incident which occurred in the Lea Market area, and we urge citizens to work with us to find a solution.

KE continues to invest in the improvement of its infrastructure to cater to the evolving needs of our customers, but the non-payment of bills creates an unsustainable environment which hinders our ability to secure Karachi’s energy future.”

KE has consistently reached out to consumers and regularly offers incentive schemes to facilitate bill payments against rebates and easy installments with an aim to inculcate a culture of regular bill payments.

In the past, area representatives have also agreed to support KE in engaging communities to clear outstanding dues, which have regrettably not been fulfilled.

The utility reiterated its fullest support for consumers who express their intent to clear their dues and urged residents and area representatives to take ownership and work jointly towards a sustainable solution.

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