Globally renowned marketing book accolades JBS as a purpose driven dynamic tech corporation

Karachi: Kotler Impact has recently launched its book ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’ in Pakistan, written by the marketing guru himself Philip Kotler.

It is for the first time that an international book has incorporated success stories of Pakistani organizations as case studies. Jaffer Business Systems is one of the 16 distinguished companies from Pakistan that are mentioned in this book.

Students in Pakistan and other developing countries are used to studying the case studies/success stories of foreign companies as part of their textbooks, and they would hardly relate with their products and services.

Now, they will study about the companies, the products, or services of which they either avail or see around them. This is a breakthrough for Jaffer Business Systems being the only tech company covered in Kotler’s Book – bridging the gap between the academia and corporate sectors.

“I am delighted that JBS was selected as one of the case studies, along with many other top companies from Pakistan. It is a great milestone for our country to have a book on local case studies as we badly lack local content for our students and readers in general.

The case studies on JBS and other companies will now add more details from the local perspective for the students in Pakistan, which was an essential missing element in our business books all these years.

I am sure it will help prepare them better for professional life. JBS has been making great strides in recent times with expansion in its existing businesses, we will be investing in creating more businesses like Hysab Kytab, JBS Incorporated (in USA), and via the acquisition of startups like Blutech Consulting and ENA.

We will continue to remain focused on achieving both vertical and horizontal growth in terms of portfolio of products, customers, and territories” said Syed Ul Veqar Islam.

Expressing his views on the occasion, Sheikh Tariq, (Regional Sales Head of Jaffer Business Systems) said, “It’s a moment of great privilege for the entire Jaffar Business Systems after getting recognized in one of the top-tier marketing books.

Our journey towards technological advancement, research and maintaining excellence in client services will keep growing magnanimously in years ahead.”

He further added, “This recognition will surely play a great role in bringing Pakistan’s IT sector on the face of world map in the surroundings where techie giants are already on the leading position.”

An esteemed panel of speakers present at the event included Dr Fahim, CMO Kotler Impact, Fatima Asad Said, CEO, Abacus, Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor, Atif Sultan, Director Marketing Foods PepsiCo, Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi, VC GCU, Dr. Omair Haroon, Assistant Professor SDSB LUMS and Humayun Farooq, Director Marketing RB while the moot was moderated by Javaria Khan, Country Head Sales & Marketing, Chughtai Healthcare.

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