Imran Khan’s long march sparks tension

Imran Khan's long march on Friday, Islamabad put on high alert

Former Prime minister Imran Khan has announced that his highly anticipated long march will take place on Friday 28 October 2022. Since then the tension has surrounded the political sphere as Islamabad was put on high alert.

Imran Khan has announced his long march to demand the government for fresh general elections. He added that his long march will start from Lahore, where people will start joining from all over the country.

The government has decided to deploy thousands of security personnel to stop Imran Khan’s supporters and their entry in the capital.

The officials have revealed to deploy 30,000 police, rangers and military troops in Islamabad, and their job is to stop the supporters of Imran Khan from entering the red zone area and near the parliament building.

A federal parliamentary force known as Frontier Constabulary (FC) will also be deployed and Sindh police will also be called out to assist Islamabad forces if necessary.

Also, hundreds of containers have been sent to Islamabad to barricade to barricade all the entry ways before the protestors’ arrival

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned in his press conference that the long march will be peaceful but ‘if they use any force against the peaceful people’, then government will be held responsible for it.

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