Iftekhar Ahmed & Company introduces ABC Juice, Pak’s First ever instant energy booster

KARACHI: Iftekhar Ahmed & Company (IAC) has launched Pakistan’s first ABC Juice, an instant energy booster with the ability to improve immunity and detoxify the body. The Company invested $10 million in Food and beverages sector and will invest another $15 million in the next four years, said Director IAC, Waheed Ahmed.

The company is a leading exporter of fresh fruits and value-added products in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s first ABC Juice was introduced in a launching event on November 2 2022, under its fastest-growing brand “Fruit Nation” to promote health and nutrition by providing premium quality Juices, Nectar, fruit drinks and food products.

Renowned singer and social worker Shehzad Roy attended as the special guest.

Shehzad Roy also spoke at the event and said that “IAC has always put quality first and has kept its promises to customers and its business partners.”

These juices are prepared from the pure pulp of apple, beetroot and carrot. Therefore, ABC juice is absolutely organic and free from artificial flavours.

ABC juice strengthens the immune system and makes the body agile and energetic as it is a vital source of rich nutrition that eliminates toxins from the body.

The launch event of Fruit Nation’s ABC Juice was held at a local hotel in which Waheed, Director of IAC, a leading company in the field of fresh fruits, nutrition and value addition of fruits, introduced the brand.

Iftekhar Ahmed & Company is among the 200 companies in the world that have a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables from its own gardens.

IAC’s Fruit Nation and Lush brands have emerged as the fastest-growing and most diverse brands in Pakistan, introducing 7 fruit drinks, 7 nectars and a special Juice in the last two years.

He said that some specific juices and nectars introduced under the Fruit Nation brand are free from sugar and artificial food colours, while natural food colours have been used in other juices, nectars and fruit drinks. All juices, nectars and fruit drinks are made from natural sweeteners and locally grown fruit pulp and no preservatives are used to ensure the health of the consumers.

Along with a range of juices, nectars and fruit drinks under Fruit Nation, the Pure Ingredients Tomato Ketchup, and Chilli Garlic Sauce under the Lush brand has also been introduced in different pack sizes.

Iftekhar Ahmed & Company is recognized by international brands and multinational companies and is the first company to start exporting value-added products Mango Pulp and Apple Concentrate from Pakistan.


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