Twitter Users to pay for blue badge, says Elon Musk

The announcement did not sit well with the users of verified accounts

The New chief executive of Twitter, Elon Musk, has announced that the users of verified accounts on Twitter will have to pay to keep the privilege.

The announcement came after Elon Musk bought the social media platform for $44 billion. He recently sent users with verified accounts into a state of panic.

The new chief executive broke the news saying that users will have to pay $20, users were surprised and tried negotiating with him, Musk then agreed to reduce the cost.

The CEO of SpaceX said the verified account will cost $8. The deal, however, is still not agreeable to Twitter users.

Many users started tagging the new Twitter CEO and registered their complaints. They explained why verified accounts should not be paid.

Musk took a jibe at Twitter users and then changed his Twitter bio to “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator”.

Later, Musk sent a series of tweets to repeat that the service will still cost $8.

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