WhatsApp’s New Feature Introduced

WhatsApp launches its new features where different groups can come under common category, ‘Communities’

Recently WhatsApp has launched a new feature for discussion groups, turning them into Communities. It offers larger and organized discussion groups.

Schools, educational institutions, hospitals, organizations, and clubs etc. can take huge advantage from this feature. WhatsApp suggests that this new feature will make big discussions easier and without hassle.

The ‘Communities’ update will have numerous new features including new emojis, allowing 32 person voice and video calls, announcement groups, sharing larger files, and admin controls etc.

These new features are making WhatsApp a lot similar like Facebook.

But Facebook revolves around strangers making groups together while in WhatsApp, the new community feature will allow like-minded people to pursue their common goals.

The admin can make announcements in the community that will reach every member of the community.

But it will not bombard people with unnecessary messages like group chats,

Because in this new feature, admin will make further sub-groups. In these sub-groups, people can discuss a matter that concerns them and their team.

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