Users Allowed to Get Blue Tick on Twitter

Twitter confirms that users can get access to blue tick by paying a monthly fee after Elon Musk takes over the tech giant platform.

The social media giant platform Twitter was recently taken over by tech giant Elon Musk in a closing deal of $44 billion.

After his taking over, the platform announced that users can get blue tick if they pay $7.99 for it.

Previously, blue tick was an option that was only available for celebrities, government officials, and high-profile people to avoid misleading information.

Blue-tick meant that the Twitter profile was authentic.

But now Twitter suggests that anyone who is willing to pay the fee can get access to blue tick.

Twitter suggests that the firm took this decision because of the possibility that the platform is swarming with bots and fake accounts.

It is yet to be seen when Twitter will implement this plan.

The Twitter users have been confused with this decision as they question what will happen to the existing blue tick accounts?

Will they lose their blue tick? Is paying the fee sufficient to get rid of bots and fake accounts?

The tech platform Twitter will have to answer all these questions before they implement their plan.

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