Humayun Saeed All Prepared to Star in ‘The Crown’

Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed is all prepared to star in the popular Netflix series ‘The Crown’

The award-winning Netflix series The Crown’s fifth season is on the way which is highly anticipated by the fans of the series.

Pakistani fans of the series are also excited as they will see their own Pakistani star Humayun Saeed starring in it.

When the fifth season was announced, many fans conjecture that Humayun Saeed will be the part of the series.

He was spotted in London multiple times proving the rumours.

However, he remained quiet and did not say a word about his project. He never mentioned it in any of his interviews as well.

But after things became official, Humayun Saeed broke the news himself to his fans which made all his fans extremely happy.

In this series, Humayun Saeed will play the character of Doctor Hasnat Khan who was a British Pakistani surgeon.

The surgeon had two years long relationship with the late Princess Diana..

To prepare for this role, Humayun Saeed did a workshop with a surgeon to delve into his character.

The first look of his character has been revealed on the internet.

And the fans think that it is a promising look for Humayun Saeed.

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