Shooting in Philadelphia – 9 Injured

Mass shooting took place in Philadelphia outside a bar which left 9 people injured and wounded

According to the Philadelphia police department, the gunfire erupted around 11 pm.

The Deputy commissioner John Stanford told the press conference that ‘multiple suspects’ jumped out of their car and open fired at the crowd outside the bar.

He further added, ‘the suspects may have spotted someone that they wanted to shoot at, exited the vehicle and just began firing at the group of individuals that were there,’

9 people were wounded during this shooting massacre.

According to the police, all nine people were immediately sent to the hospital.

Out of these nine people, four people were in critical condition.

The police is further investigating the situation and trying to establish connections and motives.

The police commissioner said, ‘we’ll try to gather video and hopefully be able to get some additional information as well as video surveillance that may be able to help us identify who was responsible for this,’

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