Gas Supply for Only 8 Hours in Winters

Pakistan is about to experience gas shortage like never before as the Petroleum Division decides to supply gas for 8 hours only.

Winters are almost round the corner and Petroleum Division has warned the people of Pakistan about the gas shortage.

The Petroleum Division stated that gas would be available to domestic consumers for only 8 hours in a day.

These 8 hours include three hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and three hours in the evening.

They also said that there will not be any gas supply for 16 hours.

Muhammad Mehmood, the secretary incharge on Petroleum Division clearly said, “there would be no gas supply (to household consumers) for 16 hours,”

He further added that natural gas is scarce in the country and with coming winters, Pakistan will face gas shortage as there is not enough gas available.

According to Mehmood, gas production is declining on a rapid pace due to which there might be absolutely no gas available in ten years time.

He explained that international gas companies are not coming to Pakistan to search for new oil and gas points because of political instability in the country.

Moreover, gas cannot be imported from Russia and Iran due to the political circumstances surrounding the Ukraine war.

The government cannot buy LNG for domestic consumers because it is quite expensive.

The situation regarding gas shortage seems bleak at the moment but the government is trying to make sure that domestic consumers do not suffer much.

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