Europe’s Top Stock Market is Not London Anymore

London’s stock market has lost its position as the Europe’s top stock market because of struggling economy

Britain’s stock market remained the top stock market for many years but now it has been dethroned by French stock market.

The economy of UK has been in a turmoil and many UK companies have suffered immense damage from it.

However, French stock market has taken the top spot as the combined value of its company shares are increasing because of demand of luxury products and currency movements.

According to Bloomberg, London has reigned in the stock market game since 2004, but now France has that honour.

Business analysts suggest that UK will go into recession this year because of high inflation rates and staggering economy.

Bloomberg data suggests that demand for French luxury items have boosted the French economy. The demand is usually high in China.

London FTSE 250 index shows medium and small companies and their growth. The data shows that these companies have shrunk by 17% because of high inflation and interest rates.

UK government is trying to control and stabilize the economy.

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