Iran Issues First Death Sentence Amidst Protests

Amidst the protests, Iran issues death sentence for the first time for people who are involved in riots.

Iran is going through a turmoil because of the protests that are increasing every day.

The protestors want justice for Mahsa Amini, a young woman who got arrested for not wearing a hijab.

Amini died in police custody which lead to people raising their voices for her. The public has been protesting in Iran since her death.

Iran after facing protests, issued death sentence for the crime of setting fire to government building, damaging government property, crime against national security and an enemy of God.

The court of Tehran also sentenced four other persons for 5 to 10 years in jail for gathering and conspiring against law and damaging the government’s property.

During the protests, along with protestors, security personnel were also killed which Iranian government condemned and called these protests as ‘riots’.

More than 326 people have been killed in these protests.

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