Long March: Imran Khan expresses concerns over Country default

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairperson Imran Khan on Thursday said that Pakistan will have to “compromise on its national security” if it defaults.

He also said that the next time the government approaches foreign lenders for aid, they will have to make a huge compromise on Pakistan’s security.

Khan recalled that the country’s default risk was a “mere 5pc” when he was in power, he said the incumbent government has “devastated the economy”.

All steps being taken by the current government, including bringing changes to the Army Act, are to ensure that the incumbent leaders can safeguard their “looted wealth,” he added.

During Khans video address he said that he is afraid that current leaders would flee the country “once again” and they are “doing this all for themselves, not the country or its people”.

He reiterated his call for free and fair elections, and IK maintained it was the only way forward for Pakistan. “PTI won 70 per cent of the elections despite the fact that the establishment was supporting them,” said Khan said.

He also claimed that the aim is to “eliminate Imran Khan”.

The PTI chairperson also said this “was a defining moment” in the history of the country and “when the nation stands up, they are unstoppable”.

‘PTI will hold largest ever gathering in Pindi’

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar on Thursday said the party will hold the “largest ever” political gathering in Rawalpindi.

He said the PTI will not be threatened or will bow down and its leaders will be “standing with its supporters” and not hide behind “bulletproof glass”.

Umar also claimed that party chairperson Imran Khan had visited Russia to buy “cheap oil for the people” and had proceeded with the visit despite all warnings.

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