Supreme Court Dismisses Plea to Stop PTI’s March

Supreme Court dismissed JUI-F plea which requested to stop the long march of PTI as it can wage jihad against the state

Jamiat Ulema Islam Fazal ur Rehman (JUI-F) senator, Kamran Murtaza submitted a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the long march of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI).

The petition stated that PTI’s long march is creating chaos and panic in the country.

The petition said, “the sole purpose of such march is nothing more than to again, inter alia, create a situation of chaos and panic in the country through the use of force and illegal arms. It also highlights that ex-PM Imran “is preparing his party workers for waging a so called jihad against the state.”

Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, Ayesha Malik, and Athar Minallah presided over the hearing, and in the end dismissed the plea.

Supreme Court maintains that such matter is based on political grounds and should be dealt with in a political manner.

Supreme Court does not want to interfere in political spheres.

As Justice Minallah said, “the judiciary can only interfere during exceptional circumstances.”

He asked the petitioner that “if the administration can control the situation, why should the court interfere?”

Furthermore, Chief Justice Bandial added, “the long march is a political problem that can be resolved politically.”

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