HEC Recognizes Pakistan First E-commerce College

Higher education Commission of Pakistan recognizes Pakistan’s first Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institute.

Extreme Commerce is a college that is built to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional careers.

Extreme Commerce College is an initiative that will allow the students to go through skill-based learning. They will learn and apply the skills at the same time in their professional fields.

It is an adventure that came into existence because of joint venture between Extreme commerce and Oxford’s Independent Business School.

Now Pakistan’s Higher education commission has recognized it through it’s notification number 14(131)/A&A/Acc/HEC-2022.

Throughout their stay at college, Ecommerce structured training will be the main part of their course that all students have to study.

Students will learn academic and practical knowledge in all stages at Ecommerce college.

Moreover, people who have excelled in ecommerce, practitioners and entrepreneurs will discuss their skillset knowledge about the digital ecosystem.

Extreme commerce college’s headquarter is in Karachi and the institutes will be present in eight cities of Pakistan.

It is Pakistan’s first step towards teaching students skill-based practical knowledge to promote digital entrepreneurship.

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