General Qamar Bajwa Shares His Views on Politics

Chief of Army staff, General Qamar Bajwa addressed the audience at Defence and Martyrs Day Ceremony in Rawalpindi headquarters

General Qamar Bajwa addressed the audience for the last time as army chief. His tenure will end next week.

In Defence and Martyrs day ceremony, he remembered all the martyrs that gave their lives for the betterment of Pakistan.

After paying tribute to the martyrs and their families, he discussed the current political situation in Pakistan.

General Bajwa added that army will remain apolitical and is going through a catharsis.

He mentioned that the institution of army has faced severe criticism from some institutions and it should not have happened.

Army chief stated that people and political parties have the right to criticise the army, but their ‘language could have been better.’

Moreover, General said that ‘army decided in February that it will not intervene and interfere in political matters.’

He further added, ”after 2018 elections, some political parties claimed that it was a selected government, and after that when other party was replaced with vote of no-confidence, people claimed it as imported government.’

General Bajwa continued to say that ‘winning and losing is part of politics,’ political parties should understand this and adopt the true democratic culture.

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