Dire Conditions in Afghanistan as Foreign Funding Stops

Afghanistan is facing a tough time because of the struggling economy and no inflow of foreign funds from International community

After Taliban took over Afghanistan, the international community stopped giving funds to Afghanistan that catered to their food, shelter and medicinal problems.

The people of Afghanistan are facing worst living conditions in such times when there is high inflation rates and economies are struggling.

BBC in their report interviewed people of Afghanistan who revealed their living situations.

The people said that they are living in such tough conditions that they have to give sedatives to their children.

They further mentioned that there children are sick. They cry but parents have no food to give to them.

Therefore, the Afghan parents give their children sedatives that make them drowsy and put them to sleep, so they do not feel hunger and pain.

These medicines are recommended for people with depression and anxiety and if given to children, they can cause chronic diseases.

Moreover, other Afghans revealed that they have to sell their children and their organs to acquire food or else they will starve to death.

United Nations have called the condition in Afghanistan as “humanitarian catastrophe”.

Taliban government are trying to create jobs but with no help from international community, people do not feel optimistic about it.

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