iPhone’s New feature rolls out, recover deleted texts

Do you want to retrieve those deleted messages?

If you’re an iPhone user and are worried about your messages being deleted, fear no more! It is possible to recover deleted texts thanks to a brand-new feature.

Apple offers users a new service to recover old messages from their iPhone. The feature works on a number of devices and can be used to recover messages you have erased in the past month. This service is included for free for all users running iOS 16.

Want to know the secrets of recovering deleted text messages?

If you’re an iPhone user who has been kicking themselves over the no-longer-usable WhatsApp messages that have been deleted, this is good news.

WhatsApp has a nifty feature that lets you erase the messages you’ve sent. When you tap ‘send a message’. WhatsApp will display an expiry date next to each text. If it’s close, you might want to jump back and recover deleted messages on Whatsapp.

To fully take advantage of iMessage, you need to get acquainted with its secret effect codes.

WhatsApp has a strange feature that lets you set an expiration date for your messages. Regardless of whether you’re running low on storage or just want to control their lifespan, here’s how you can delete messages from both platforms forever.

If you shake your phone while texting and hold down on a message, secret letters will appear. If you’re sending a message from an iPhone, hold down on a letter as you type it to see the additional icons appear.

Your friends might be celebrating a birthday, a holiday or a fun occasion—so why not send them a special message? Just type “Happy Birthday” on iMessage or your favorite social network and let everyone know how much you care.

Messages on WhatsApp are about to change, with the addition of new features for users to play with. From balloons and fireworks to floating hearts, these additions are some of the biggest shakeups in the messaging service’s history.

Your family and friends are your biggest asset. With Messages on iCloud, they always stay up-to-date. And now with Group FaceTime, you can video chat with up to 32 people at the same time.

Discover the magic of WhatsApp messages with this fun.

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