Brazil’s Neymar Gets Badly Injured During Match

Brazilian footballer Neymar got injured in his right ankle in today’s match against Serbia which Brazil won by 2-0

One of the fans’ favourite team Brazil marched against Serbia today in FIFA Worldcup match, in which Brazil remained victorious.

Brazil played extremely well in their first Worldcup match, and won the game with 2-0, not giving Serbia any chance to attack.

However, Brazil’s ace player Neymar got injured during the match with Serbia.

After the injury, Neymar was seen in tears on a bench after his team won the match..

The doctors have revealed that they have to wait at least 24 to 28 hours to understand the condition and determine whether Neymar will be playing any further matches in the Worldcup.

Neymar limped towards his dressing room after the injury, where the medical team was hurrying to apply ice pack to his injury.

Moreover, he ran tests and treatment in hotel where the Brazilian team is staying.

It will be another Worldcup upset if Neymar is unable to play in the upcoming matches. However, the fans are praying and wishing well for his speedy recovery.

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