Who was the Legendary Comedian Ismail Tara?

Legendary actor and comedian Ismail Tara is no more, dies at the age of 73.

According to his family, Tara died of kidney failure in Karachi.

Grieving family also said that he was in the hospital for more than three days, but due to kidney failure, he passed away.

His son Shiraz Tara said, “He was admitted to a private hospital three days ago, but died of kidney failure.”

Ismail Tara was born in 1949, and worked in all the creative fields such as acting, comedy, theatre, and drama.

He worked in all mediums including stage dramas, television and cinemas.

He rose to fame through comedy show ‘Fifty-Fifty’ that was an adaptation of American show Saturday Night Live or SNL popularly.

The show became instant hit among the audience and they loved it very much. Ismail Tara’s comedic timing became the highlight of the PTV show.

He started working in 1964 in different stage plays in comedy genre, where talent hunters noticed him and hired him in their works.

The legendary comedian also worked with another legendary comedian Umar Sharif in various stage dramas. They both shared a special friendship bond.

He received five Nigar awards for best comedian for his roles in different movies.

His last drama ‘Angna’ was on ARY channel in which he worked with Javed Sheikh.

Namaz e Janaza of the veteran actor will be held in Pahari Masjid on Shaheed e Millat road.

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