YouTube First Ever Brandcast Held in Karachi

The social media giant YouTube recently held its first Brandcast in Karachi to celebrate Pakistan’s YouTube community

On Friday, YouTube held its first brandcast in Karachi to celebrate the YouTube community in Pakistan which is growing at a rapid pace.

The brandcast was about sharing the insights about YouTube community and creators, recent updates on the platform and inspirations from different brands on the platform.

This brandcast is a step towards supporting the Pakistani creators to set up a global community where they can meet and evolve along with their audiences.

Google Research

Google and Kantar’s research deals with unlocking digital in rural areas of Pakistan. According to the research many people in rural communities watch YouTube for different reasons.

For instance, the research suggested that;

  • 91% of Pakistani shared that YouTube makes them feel positive.
  • 78% of Pakistani say that they watch their favourite shows on YouTube.
  • 76% of Pakistani say that YouTube helped them to learn something new.
  • 75% of Pakistani said that the platform sparks their interests.
  • 73% of internet users in Pakistan say that YouTube has video content for all their moods.

Community Growing Strongly

YouTube in Pakistan is growing on a rapid pace. The brandcast revealed that many Pakistani content creators use this platform to make a connection with their audience through long and short form content.

In fact, the total hours of content uploaded to YouTube by channels in Pakistan from June 2021 to May 2022 grew by over 25% when compared to the same time the year before, which suggests the importance and steady growth of this platform.

YouTube recently launched YouTube shorts earlier this year which became popular in Pakistan. The short-form content gave opportunity to creators to engage their audience and give away their best in less time.

It boosted creators’ creativity like in the case of Salman Noman, a popular YouTube with more than 10 million subscribers.

He states that, “Before YouTube, I used to make the same style of videos on other short-form platforms and saw reasonable success. But I realized that other platforms had a ceiling to creator growth. Then YouTube introduced Shorts, which for me has no boundaries and makes the world your oasis. YouTube helped me grow my audience globally and I gained recognition because of my Shorts videos. I am so thankful for YouTube Shorts and having the platform to grow my audience.”

As of June 2021, the number of YouTube channels making 1 million PKR or more in revenue is up over 110%, year over year. Whether a Pakistani from a remote village in Punjab or a metropolis like Karachi, YouTube has proven to be an effective medium for communication across all Pakistani languages.

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